20 June 2011

What fork Is this?

My friend, Anne, sent me this image of three forks from an old set she got from her mother-in-law. They are Christofle European silver, but she is unsure of a pattern. Christofle is rather notorious for their multitude of fork designs. My best guess:

Cake Fork -- I saw one in a different pattern with the wide cutting tine and another single tine, but a two tined cake fork???

Small Fish Server -- Again, I saw a set of Christofle that had an entire drawer of "fish eating" implements with several four tined servers, but fish servers are usually more ornate. Maybe this is the Fish Offering Fork?

Shellfish Fork -- I think this has all the points of a generic shellfish fork.

Christofle mentions as some of its forks including a Fish Fork, Salad Fork, Two Pronged Fork, Cake Fork, Oyster Fork, Huge Helping Fork, Salad Serving Fork, Fish Offering Fork, Fruit Fork, Cold Meat Fork, Baked Potato Fork and Carving Fork, just to name a few....

I know someone out there knows the truth.


  1. Looks like it would be perfect for tater tots.

  2. Beautiful pattern- my guess is oyster or escargot fork, sardine server, and cold meat fork.

  3. Depending on their size, I too believe the first might be an oyster fork, the second--perhaps--a bon bon server, and the third a strawberry fork. I believe that Magnus, who sometimes comments on my blog, will be able to definitively identify them...

  4. I vote for tater tots! More elegant eaten with proper silver....

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  6. damn, it's impossible to use this stuff in a regular meal


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