04 June 2011


One of the worst things that can happen to your hive is to let it swarm. In this season of weird weather, it has been difficult. After months of rain, the temperature shot up to 94F. Like everyone else, the bees were hot... too hot. Usually, my bees don't produce gatherable honey until the end of the season. When I checked them recently, there was a lot of honey and not a lot of room. I ordered new frames, but they were delayed and before I could add another super... the heat won.

While it was a sad thing to see the hive swarm, it was a fascinating event to watch. The bees are so focused. they plan their escape. The workers fill up on honey so there is no stopping at the 7-11. They escort the queen to a remote location and then the whole gang follow, in military precision. There is a huge mass of buzzing life during their travel and before you know it, they are settled and congregated around the queen.

While the event looks scary, the bees focus and determination, as well as their full tummies, make them quite calm during the swarm.

Today, the new frames arrived. We will try to recover before the summer ends.


  1. I so enjoy your blog because it's a glimpse into a life very different from mine...thanks so much for sharing your farm life and your interests.

    Does the bee swarm mean they move out of their condos (not sure what you call the boxes you make for them) permanently? Will they come back? How do you lure them back "home"? Can you collect the honey if they swarm away? Please keep us posted!

  2. The fact that you do and know this is both thrilling and impressive.

  3. These photos gives me shivers, I hate swarms ! so bad!


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