13 June 2011

Shame, Shame, Shame

There is rehab for being a horn dog? Who'd a thunk it.

Anthony Weiner doesn't need rehab, he needs and old-fashioned ass whuppin'. (And, let me just say, I loved Anthony Weiner.) Now I am just disgusted.

What happened to shame in our society? Seriously, he should be ashamed. He should be staying inside his house, not running to the ATM. Resign, now. (And, let me just say, I loved Anthony Weiner.)

The problem with real life is the lack of a soundtrack. So here is our Weiner Soundtrack of Shame:

Pamplmousse Beat It
Blondie Call Me
Johnny Cash It Ain't Me Babe
Lee Ann Womack Liars Lie
Shirley and Company Shame Shame Shame
A Fine Frenzy Liar, Liar
Molly Ivins It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Lucinda Williams Ramblin' On My Mind
Ed Harcourt 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Mae West He's A Bad, Bad Man
Lily Allen Womanizer
Joey & Rory Cheater, Cheater
Bob Dylan Quit Your Low Down Ways
Elbow Grounds For Divorce
Sunny Sweeney Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame
Paul Kelly Rehab

Enjoy! And remember, NOTHING is private on the web, so please don't tweet me photos of your undies, whether you are in them or not!


  1. It just doesn't get much stupider. That he doesn't even have the honor to resign is perhaps as shocking as the act. It's what one does.

  2. What is it that the Democratic Strategist once said? "Every time I hear that my candidate has done something stupid I pray it doesn't involve a live boy or a dead girl".

  3. What a shame for our country, this guy is a complete pervert.


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