27 June 2011

Teddy & Picasso

My cat Teddy has been on a killing spree this summer. We started a tote board to track his hunting prowess and we are, frankly, appalled at the current death tole. Last week, after crying to get out at the crack of dawn he returned about 7 am. I was still in bed when I heard him crying softly beside me. I opened my eyes to see Teddy with a chipmunk ready to place it beside my head on the pillow. I was not appreciative!!

Today, Teddy got a letter from Harry Lowe. It read:

Dear Teddy,

Just your catching a bird is not remarkable, but having a postcard portrait is. Are you jealous? This is so valuable and impressive that I am not addressing it but sending it unscarred.

Pablo's Pet

Enclosed was the above "unscarred" postcard image, Chat saisissant un oiseau by Pablo Picasso. Anne and Harry Lowe took off to Richmond to see the Picasso exhibit before it moved on. And they didn't invite me...or Teddy.

Teddy feels that he is much prettier than that old Picasso cat.

His summer hunting total to date:

Birds -- 3 Chipmunks -- 14.

It is a sad day for Alvin.


  1. Good post.

    I suppose it is nature for cats to kill. We do not like it but there is not a cure is there?

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Picasso exhibition.
    Helen Tilston xx

  2. Here, from Southern CA, is my 11 1/2-year-old cat's scoreboard for this year:
    11 mice
    15 gophers
    4 rats
    6 squirrels
    3 rabbits
    6 birds
    8 "others"
    Before you ask, yes, he is very well fed at home! He just likes to share with us :)

    Thanks for that Picasso image.

  3. Good Heavens! They are so proud-& a little needy in praise. I love that Picasso painting. I can only say Remus is sadly lacking-as he stays indoors and or sits wistfully on the screened in porch-just wishing and hoping-but never. This will make his sick with envy.


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