30 January 2015

Requiescat in pace -- Colleen McCollough

Colleen McCullough died on 29  January.   She was Australia's best selling author, a neurophysiologist, and for us, a cookbook author.  She was boisterous, witty, and more accomplished than most.  So it was quite shocking and in profoundly bad taste that The Australian began her obituary, not with her remarkable gifts, but by stating she was "plain" and "overweight."  Screw them!

Several years ago we did our Cookbook Of The Day/Lucindaville Famous Food Friday on McCullough's Cooking with Colleen McCullough. Take a few moments to remember. 

08 January 2015

Leftover Edith Wharton Porn

We have been sick since before Christmas!  Of course, that is no reason not to keep one's blog moving forward...or is it?

Oh well, enough about me.  In an attempt to get photos logged in to one place, we ran across some orphans that we thought we would share.

As it is the new year and everyone wants to improve themselves, we are always in a mind to have a huge area for linens, as we now tend to keep things like that sitting in a chair in the bedroom.  Alas, we have no place in our modest house to set aside a linen closet, much less a linen room.  But a girl can dream.

Several years ago, we wrote about Edith Wharton's The Mount.  Now there is a house with a room for everything.  Several years ago, we uploaded some pictures of the now vacant linen closet (and we use that term loosely, as Wharton's linen "closet" was bigger than many apartments). 

We ran across those photos last month and though you might just like to see them.

Linen Closet. The Mount. 

Nice shelves and drawers.  A place to work.  Clearly and inspiration for adding a servant's wing.

Linen Closet Shelving.  The Mount

We are really fond of this built-in construction. Would love to have these in a kitchen!  Until then, we are seriously thinking of moving the sheets out of the bedroom chair!

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