29 November 2014

Guest Blogger

Our guest blogger is the puppy formerly known as Bunnymellon.  This is her Thanksgiving story.

I got tossed out by some mean humans.  They hit me and dumped me out and I had no where to go.  I found this little house that was kinda warm and I slept there.  That next morning, Lucinda came out to get the chickens, whose house I was sharing.  The chickens were scary and made me cry.  Everyone had been so mean to me...

Lucinda was nice but really didn't want me.  She has stupid cats and they were not nearly as nice as the chickens. They wanted me gone.  But Lucinda never hit me or yelled at me.  She just wanted me to go, but I didn't have a home.

Lucinda called everyone, but no one would claim me.  The cats shared some of their food and then Lucinda bought me a bag of food just for me.  I was so hungry I would have eaten the whole bag, but I would have gotten really sick.  So now I eat healthy portions a couple of times a day.

So there is this thing called the Internet, that I am not real familiar with, but it lets things fly through the air.  Lucinda made a picture of me and sent it on the Internet to her friend Ann.  Ann sent the picture to Barbara in Vermont, she sent my picture to Neville back in Virginia, and she sent it to Chris and Maria whose recently lost their dog.  Unlike the cats...they loved me and want me to be their dog!

I am very thankful this Thanksgiving that I am getting a home.  I will have plenty of food, a warm house, and no one will every hit me again.
Monday, Lucinda is taking me to the vet to get some medicine so I will a tip top dog and this weekend, she is driving me to meet my new puppy parents.  They are making a list of great dog names for me.  While I am getting a new name and a new home, I will forever be an Alabama fan, thanks to Lucinda.

So I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as I did.  Please don't be mean to animals...if you don't want them, take them to a shelter.

One last thing....
Rooooooll Tide!

18 November 2014

Our First Snow

A tad undramatic, but still snow!

12 November 2014


I love Sissinghurst.  If had all the money in the world, I would find a way wrench it away from the national trust and I would live there with an army of gardeners.  Well, that's not going to happen, so the next best thing is reading about it. 

Vita Sackville-West's grandson is married to gardening expert and cook, Sarah Raven.  They live in the family apartments at Sissinghurst and with her love of gardens, Raver spend a great deal of time in the gardens.  As one might expect, she has also spent a great deal of time with Vita's writings about Sissinghurst.  In a hybrid work of garden writing, Raven has taken Vita's writing and combined it with her own story of the garden.  

As Raven points out, "Gardens do not normally survive their creators...."  Sissinghurst is a rare example, perpetuated by surviving family, gardeners and vast, detailed writings. The gardens have retained the influence of vita Sackeville-West, while moving forward to become one of the premier gardens of the world. 

This book offers up a historical look at the garden combined with the modern work being done today.  The book combines old photos along side current photo, displaying the ever changing nature in the life of a garden.

Vita wrote about gardening:
The more one gardens, the more one learns; and the more one learns, the more one realizes how little one knows.
Little did she realize that her vision for the garden would be taken up by her children and grand-children. The beauty of Sissinghurst, what make this garden eternal is remembering the past while learning more each day.  If Vita Sackville-West were to visit Sissinghurst today, she would find it very much as she left it...and magically transformed.  That is the nature of a garden.

04 November 2014

Curator of the Refrigerator

You know how you read something and it strikes you as true and very funny.  I have always coveted a refrigerator with a glass door.  I just love the way they look.  I was reading an article a while back (and I regret I have no idea who wrote it, and I am sorry) and the author made the point that having a glass front refrigerator was a stupid idea as one would not want to spend time curating their refrigerator.

Of course, this made perfect sense.  On any given day, my refrigerator resembles Fibber McGee's closet, one of those sitcom closets where everything in the house is stuffed into it only to fall out when it is opened. So recently, after unloading a grocery run, I looked up to notice that I had a rather nicely "curated" refrigerator that was worthy of a glass door. 

But only for that afternoon...still...I could get used to a $15,000 Sub Zero. 

02 November 2014

Edith Sitwell?

I know Halloween is over, but doesn't this pumpkin bear a striking resemblance to Edith Sitwell?  It is actually named Agatha and is from an outfit called the Invisible Underground.  They are a professional fruit and vegetable carving business.  Who knew?

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