14 June 2011

Paint as Poetry

Sherwin Williams
Farrow Ball
Benjamin Moore

Name three great poets? No you say. Well, just maybe, yes.

While perusing the paint isle in my local big box hardware behemoth, I found poems. Reading the names of tiny paint swatches gave way to some great found poetry. Give it a try.

Neutrally nice
Ashes of roses in an ember glow
Forget me not.

temptress by candle light,
kimono, California wine, bubble bath.
A sweet sachet of orchid bloom.

Cloudburst on a melancholy country road,
Weathered post and rusty rail.
The March wind in canyon echo through the dry riverbed.

I may not be Emily Dickinson but I just may give Farrow Ball a run for his money.


  1. I love the names of paint colours. When there is nothing else, it can be the starting point of a room.

  2. Your poetry is most inspiring and you will certainly give F & B some good substitute names instead of Mouses Back turned Churlish Green, Cats Paw was dipping in Dead Salmon
    I just found your blog and look forward to reading older posts
    Helen xx

  3. What a great idea ! these cards looks so sophisticated! seriously you did an awesome job with them.


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