25 June 2010

Teddy and the Girls and the Slider Rolls

Teddy, having been raised by the chickens, still considers himself "one of the girls." Whenever the chickens get an afternoon snack, Teddy comes running, as he feels he should be an active participant in any event that involves food. The day's snack was most of the bag of dinner rolls. I buy these lovely bags of rolls from my grocery bakery and use them for slider buns. The chickens love slider week as I only use a few of the buns and they get the rest. I called for the chickens and immediately heard Teddy's bell as he did not want to miss out on the slider rolls. After the initial eating frenzy, there were just a few bites left to scavenge. Teddy and one Iowa Blue had their sites set on a final bite ( hard to see in the above picture, but Teddy is a bit closer.).

Teddy decided to make his move, but reinforcements gathered.

Outnumbered and overfed, Teddy let the girls have the last bite. A gentlecat to the end!


  1. that is amazing the way he just fits in.. I tried to raise chickens, bought some crazy looking ones at the fair. They said I had to have a rooster. So I got one. He was such a MEAN sob, he attacked me every day. I had a friend that Hypnotised him. He was cool for 2 days and started the attacking again. I got rid of them. lots of work.. yvonne

  2. Delightful post. I love cats and chickens. My girls gave me great pleasure in the past and I hope to have a coop in the future when things settle down. Thank you!


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