07 June 2010

Cocktails at the Burn Pit -- The French

or as the French might say: Apéritif a la puits de brûlure. Seriously, the French would probably not in any way say that, still...

Recently, the French have decided to stimulate their economy by offering up drinks to the world in the form of a promotion dubbed the French Cocktail Hour. On their web site you will find the following:

"The French ritual of l'apéritif, unlike the American cocktail hour,
involves a light drink… and a few bites of something delicious
to whet the appetite."

— Mona Talbott, T Style magazine (New York Times)

French Cocktail Hour, or apéritif à la française, is captured by that very singular, privileged moment of socializing, conviviality and fun prior to dinner that to a great extent symbolizes the French art de vivre.

You go, France!

Here are some simple instructions for hosting your own little French cocktail hour.

1. Aperitifs or just a bottle of wine.

2. A bite to eat.

3. Tunes.

Oh yes, you might want a few friends, but frankly there is no need.

The burn pit, just this once, is optional!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! Those clever French, at it again.

    And your bites photo couldn't look more like bites at my favorite martini partner's house.


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