11 June 2010

A Return to the Smock

I am of the opinion that it is time for the smock to make a big comeback. Originally though of as something to cover one's clothes while doing messy work, it is infinitely practical. As I spend a great deal of time dressed like I am wearing hand-me-down truckers gear, I aspire to more. Hence, the smock. Here is garment that one could throw on over any fashion faux pas and still look incredibly cool and put together.

The smock is unisex so Eric Gill...

...and Edward Fristrom could wear them.

One could text while wearing a smock (I am pretty sure she is NOT texting but the posture works.)...

...or take care of the kids, like Vita Sackville-West.

The best smock were worn during the Bloomsbury era.
Dora Carrington did them proud on more than one occasion.

Here is Carrington in a smock being used for its true purpose...

...and here as a fashion statement.

Vanessa Bell totally rocked the smock...

...though I am not totally thrilled by how this one looks in the back.

Even Calvin and Hobbes are into smocks, well Hobbes. And I , too, like the way it sounds...

Smock smock
Smock smock
Smock smock!

So take it from me and Hobbes --

Don't Knock My Smock, Or I'll Clean Your Clock


  1. Marvellous Lucinda! I'll go with the Vita Sackville-West version...oooh. Talking of Vita, I love Cyril Connolly's description of her as Lady Chatterley above the waist and the Gamekeeper below. What a perfect description of her duality.

  2. Seems from the photos of wearers you select to be both egalitarian and alternative. It also seems to inspire an accompanying vocabulary of similar sounding words: jock,crock, etc. These are all good reasons to 'adopt the smock' !!

    Best Wishes


  3. I am right there with you. I love smocks. I also admit that on most days, like you, I dress for work. Which around here is gardening, pruning, stone wall building/repairing or inside projects. Never thought I dressed like a trucker...but I think you have nailed it. A pretty smock/frock might just be the answer. Your examples were luscious.


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