20 February 2014

Cocktails At The Burn Pit

We do love a good cocktail.  Recently there has been much talk, trash talk, scholarly discourse about that elemental addition to cocktails -- namely, ice. Well, we are not big on ice.  There is a great scene in the old movie, The Year of Living Dangerously, when the British ambassador is served a gin and tonic in a ice-filled glass.  He states in a prefunctory manner, "If I had wanted gin and tonic and ice, I would have ordered it."

Don't get us wrong, we would love to have one of those Japanese, brass ice ball makers, but at $1200 we simply haven't hit the Powerball.  We do however, have a vast array of ice makers, 2 inch balls, 2 inch squares, 1/2 inch squares, ice shooter glasses, even an ice Titanic and companion berg!  Now it seems that bartenders want larger and larger ice cubes to fill their glasses. 

Really, one doesn't need extra equipment, simply fill your glass with water and freeze.  You will have the biggest ice cube your glass can hold.

Now we come to our new favorite cocktail.  We call it, Smoke on the Water.  It is basically whiskey on a big old piece of ice.  But not just any whiskey.  We use Corsair's Small Batch Triple Smoke. 

We love it.  It is rich and smokey, triple smokey!  Now we have seen many cocktails that use Triple Smoke, but frankly, we just haven't been able to mix it with anything.  It is superb straight.  Since we drink it straight and we wanted a big, gigantic piece of ice, we improvised and the rest is history...

Smoke on the Water

1 large thick walled glass

Fill the glass about 3/4 full of water and freeze.

Remove glass from freezer and immediately pour a large shot, hell pour a double shot of Corsair's Triple Smoke on top.

Drink at your leisure.

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  1. Does the delicious drink come with insulated mittens?


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