04 February 2014

Everyone Needs A Blankie

When I first came to West Virginia, Laura McClure visited and brought me a throw she made for me. For,years I have dragged that throw around from room to room, especially during the winter months.

It has been a throw, a blanket, a chair cover, a tablecloth, a shawl, even a rug. Here is the problem. A throw is meant to be "thrown" over your feet or shoulders, but it is not meant to be a whole nose-to-tail covering. This is the fundamental problem with a throw. From corner to corner, I could almost get it to cover me if I pointed my toes and bent my knees.


The last time Ann was here, she watched me drag my throw from the bed to the couch and back, so she called Laura and asked her to make a new "throw" that would be long enought to cover me up from tip to toe with room left over for a cat,or two.



So, I got my big ol' blankie! Everyone loves it.





Recently, when I had to be out of town for a while, I carefully folded my new blankie and put it away as I did not want any accidents or deliberate malfeasance to occur during my absence. Upon my return, I went to fetch the blankie and what did I find?


Yes, Teddy had found my hiding spot and made it his personal space because, as Linus will tell you, "Happiness is a warm blanket."


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