18 February 2014

Tuneful Tuesday

After waiting forEVER...St. Paul and the Broken Bones finally dropped their first full CD, Half the City.  It dropped just after midnight on iTunes and I couldn't sleep!

This CD is great.

Have you ever watched the Grammys and said,  "Who is that?"   Well next year when you watch the Grammys you will say, "I've been listening to these guys forever."  And well you should.

Lead singer Paul Janeway came to music through the church, like many an R&B singer.  He doesn't drink.  He doesn't smoke.  Which lead to the sobriquet, St. Paul.  But, sing, oh boy can this guy sing.  There is some Sam Cooke.  Some Chicago.  Some James Brown. Some Billy Graham. Some Otis Redding.  It is fun, fast, and funky. St. Paul and the Broken Bones have already been written up in Garden & Gun, Paste, and NPR

Give it a listen and I bet you'll buy it and hit the "repeat" button.

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