03 May 2011

Inspiration Dior

Everything that has been part of my life...
has expressed itself in my dresses.
Christian Dior

On February 12th, 1947 Christian Dior presented his first collection and the New Look was born.

At the Pushkin Museum in Moscow the inspiration for many of Dior's iconic designs is being explored.

"Inspiration Dior" looks at the internal visual dialogue between designer and artists, such as Picasso, Renoir, Modigiliani and Hokusa and how that vision is externalized into couturier.

The dresses juxtaposed against the art are sublime and I only saw them in video on TV5!

This tradition of art into fashion has followed the great designers of the house of Dior.

From Dior, himself, through Yves Saint Laurent , Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano, each designer has manifested Dior's vision that everything in life eventually becomes a dress.

Here are several prime example of of painting transformed into fashion.

This embroidered grey pinstriped jacket from Fall-Winter 2003-2004 is worn over yellow velvet bra. It is shown next to John Singer Sargent's La Carmencita.

Suzurka-San coat from Spring-Summer 2007 is embroidered white linen which has been hand-painted.
It is shown with Katsushika Hokusai's The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa.

Kazimir Malévitch's Woman with a Rake bears a striking resemblance to this 2002 black-and-white silk faille coat worn over a white leotard and black-and-white white linen skirt.

Another view.

I am not off to Moscow anytime soon, but truly these pictures are worth at least a thousand words.

Here is a short introduction.


  1. right up our alley-let's go. have you ever been?

  2. I just wish I could do. This is pure fashion at its best.

  3. Lovely, beautiful, amazing, delightful -- what more can I say for all these designs?

  4. I want to see the next Dior exposition it would be so interesting!


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