11 May 2011

Cecil Beaton in New York

I got an e-mail from Andrew Ginger from Beaudesert LTD. They are the English company who makes bespoke beds and hand printed fabrics. One such line includes bewitching Cecil Beaton fabrics.

Well it would seem that the Museum of the City of New York is opening a show on Beaton in October. The show will feature a new book by Donald Albrecht. In addition Beaudesert will be launching a new collection of New York inspired Beaton fabrics. I am so looking forward to the new line.

To check out Beaton fabrics past and present check out their web site: www.cecilbeatonfabrics.com.


  1. How tremendous; I think it'd be hard not to love CB inspired fabrics. I think the book would be terrific to own. I'm so glad to find out more about the line of fabrics, etc.

    I hope your week is going well?

    Cheers ~ Deb

  2. Beaton was such a creative talent. It will be great that a whole new audience will be introduced to his work.


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