29 April 2011

Other Wedding Notes

We got the dress right. Sarah Burton did indeed design the dress. During the coverage there was much talk about missing Diana, but I missed Lee McQueen and more than that, I missed Isabella Blow.

We loved posting about the 22-page Etiquette booklet sent out by the Palace for the wedding. As one might expect, David Beckham failed to read his copy as we predicted. He wore his Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal on the wrong side. By the end of the day, there will no doubt be a 22-booklet of David Beckham blunders (he hasn't had to eat anything yet!). Still, he look nice in his undies.

And speaking of cake...

Did we forget to mention the cakes? At Cookbook Of The Day we have both the Wedding Cake baker and the Groom's Cake recipe.


  1. someone must have told becks that the medal was on the wrong side, becaause halfway through the service, there was a picture of him with it on the correct side!

  2. The words 'sock' and 'rolled' come to mind...

  3. Thanks for these awesome notes about your gorgeous wedding.


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