04 May 2011

Alabama Tornado

While we have been writing about Royal weddings and fashion, the phone lines to Alabama (when they were working)have been buzzing. The good news for me: All my friends and family are fine, alive and well with minimal damage.

But 285 people lost their lives and countless others lost everything they own. When I first heard the weather report, I called my BFF Beverly who reported everything was fine. A few hours later I picked up my messages to find a wild and almost unintelligible call -- the tornado had gone over Beverly's house and she was calling from the central bathroom, decidedly upset. The tornado didn't pick up anything from her house but it did deposit debris. Later, they lost electricity and phones. They are still without power with no end in site.

But everyone is alive and well. CNN is features a great "How To Help" list. I know times are tough, but if you can, help out.

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