14 August 2013

Since Noah Never Showed Up...

Some of us were not the least bit distracted by the flood.  Trick felt the best way to deal with it (or any disaster, big or small) is to curl up in soft spot, cover your eyes and drift into dreamland.

I kept looking at the yard/pond.  So I headed into the kitchen.

First, threw together some cider dough and baked a nice boule.

 I found some artisanal cheese in the fridge, but only had saltines, so I threw together some charcoal crackers.

Next, I made 4 jars of Plum Amagnac  jam.  Warm plum  jam, warm cider bread. Not bad.

Then I made meatballs in a thick red wine sauce. 

By 9:30 after washing a ton of dishes, I was ready to curl up in a soft spot, put my hand over my eyes and drift into dreamland.

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