23 August 2013

A Wake For Elmore Leonard

We had terrible weather last night.  Thunder that sounded like a plane crashed on the front porch.  Today the sky is overcast and dreary.  It is too wet to paint, my goal for the day.  The cloudy weather is messing with the satellite and I have watched my Apple spinning paint wheel for hours as it tries to decide what to do.   So I have decided to hold a wake for Elmore Leonard.

I am going home, it is a Friday afternoon in August.   I am going to put on Season 2 of Justified with the luminous and deadly Mags Bennett.  The produces of Justified originally conceived of the deadly Mags as the patriarch of the Bennett clan, but with the aid of Margo Martindale, they soon saw the error of their ways. 

While I do not posses any Apple Pie moonshine I do have some Calvados.  And some vodka... And a big bag of Trader Joe’s Beurre Meunière popcorn.  Cue the banjo.

On this lonely road
tryin' to make it home...

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