07 April 2012

What We Would Have Bought...

...if we had won the lottery. It is the question that every lottery winner is asked: "What is the first thing you are going to buy with the money?" Generally the response is exactly what one might expect: Pay bills. Buy a new car. Buy a house. If I had won the lottery and they asked me what I was going to buy I would have replied: "All 48 of FeLion Studio's "Made in America" cast iron skillets."

It would have been a first.

But seriously, these skillets are not just skillets but works of art. Works of art in which one can cook cornbread. Ask yourself this: "Can you cook cornbread in a Picasso? A Dali? A Hirst? Hell no! But you can cook in Alisa Toninato's "Made In America." Of course, it would take a while to have all of them forged. While they were being forged, I would build a gigantic kitchen with enough stoves to bake 48 pans of cornbread at one time. Then there would be a big party with a gigantic state-by-state cornbread map.

After the party, I would hang all 48 state skillets on my specially built iron skillet wall map.

Needless to say, I am off to buy more lottery tickets!


  1. I saw this installation at Art Prize 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I took sooo many photos. It drew a lot of observers...families especially. I couldn't choose just one.

  2. But what to cook within each state?


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