13 April 2012

Alabama Shakes

We are feeling rather "tunie" these days and we do love sharing our music with you. My new favorite band is Alabama Shakes. Yes, Virginia, they are from Alabama and while we might just be swayed by that fact, they are just plain great. Lead singer Brittany Howard has been compared to EVERYBODY : the short list: Janice Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner and even Jack White. BRITTANY HOWARD. That is all you need to know.

There has been a great deal of hype about the Alabama Shakes. All of it is true. The basic story is this...

Once upon a time in Athens, Alabama...

Brittany Howard wants to start a band. She asks Zac Cockrell, who happens to be in her psychology class, but more importantly, plays bass and wears cool band t-shirts, if he wants to write songs.

Over at the music store, the only music store in Athens, Alabama, Steve Johnson plays drums and Howard invites him along for the ride. They record some songs and Heath Fogg, who plays guitar and was in the coolest band ever to come out of Athens, Alabama (this statement is no longer true.) asks the trio to open for his band. They said sure if you will play with us.


The rest is history.

Buy Boys and Girls. It will be your go to CD for summer fun.


  1. I LOVE them! I have the EP and the new album.

  2. I'm going to check them out...thanks!

  3. One of the best band of the moment I think. I love so much their music, it's awesome really!
    I talked about them in my blog as well, they followed me in all my revisions for my exams!


  4. I'm a huge fan of Alabama Shakes too.


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