26 April 2012

Technology VS. Friendship

Technology is our friend or is it frenemy?   I have returned from vacation.   Like most vacation travelers, I have returned with pictures.  Like most vacation travelers, I have returned with 3 good pictures and 162 pictures that look like crap.   (See above.)  

Before I left on vacation, I had the opportunity to pull out an old Polaroid camera from an unopened desk upstairs.  I had hunted it down because a company named Impossible (with a twee backwards "p") is making film for Polaroid cameras.  Impossible (again with that twee "p") is a good name for it.  For those of us not born in THIS century, we may just remember Polaroid cameras.  Truth be told, not a one of them ever made a picture worth saving.   (I know, you have a whole album just chocked full of glorious Polaroid photos.  I am sure it sitting in your attic with the still in box, original Barbie Doll -- wait, your mother threw away that Barbie Doll, your book of baseball cards, AND...your album of glorious Polaroid photos.  OK, I believe in Santa...send them along or post them on your site and we will have a exhibition.)

But I digress, so, before leaving on vacation, I downloaded all the cool, hip, retro, I have an iPhone, apps to take vacation pictures.   I did not, however, really learn how to shot with them before I left.

The good news is...there is no cost to DEVELOP hipinsatpix.

The bad news... there is no cost to DEVELOP instacoolhipsterprints.

That means that there is nothing...nothing to stop you from taking 165 vacation photos that suck.  And...(and here is the bad part for you, my gentle readers) nothing to keep you from sharing them with others.

In fact, I believe there is an app for that.  Be forewarned!

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