29 October 2011

Autumn's Bounty

Since word is out that I cook, I get a lot of food related gifts, from snapping turtles to homemade wine. A couple of weeks ago, a truck pulled into my drive way and Dina carried in 3 enormous bags of apple and 6 equally enormous bags of pears. I immediately stared making preserves. I cooked and cooked.

I made apple jam with Chinese 5 spice. I made apple butter. I made apple preserves with Bourbon soaked currants.

I pear preserves with white balsamic. I made pear and ginger preserves.

I went to DC for several days and left a huge pile of apples and pears that I didn't get to. Even after the raccoon came in and at his fill of apples, I still have more to do. Clearly I need a big old commercial kitchen!


  1. What a lot of fruit and you have worked wonders in the kitchen. It is so fabulous to have ones own preserves

  2. One of my favorites to make for gifts is pear marmalade using lime peel, ginger and the requisite other spices. It is so much work though and the recipients always want more. But my oh my it is so good. Ann

  3. Great autum recipe! I never taste something like this before its simply incredible!


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