15 October 2011

Teddy tries "dear" hunting

It has been very Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings here at Doe Run Farm, as a yearling has made the backyard her home, showing up every afternoon to munch on acorns and an occasional tree limb.

Recently we posted a photo of doe by the run, Doe Run, the name of the farm. Our reader, J.W., has been following Teddy's exploits as a hunter and wondered if he had tried to take down a doe. Well, J. W., recently he thought about giving it the old "college try."

As I was enthralled in taking fairly poor photos of the yearling, I noticed that we had company.

Teddy began creeping up, closer and closer.

I yelled at him and he retreated.

Acting all innocent.

Only to pick on Kitty Carlisle.

But our yearling was safe.


  1. Don't you love the 'innocence' of a cat that's been busted? :)

    Still, what a photo it would have been to see Teddy taking that walk on the wild side. Thank you.

  2. I never seen an animal as cute as your cat! it's awesome!


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