24 October 2011

Dora at Doe Run Farm

I am a big fan of Dora Carrington as well as the Omega Workshops. One day I was flipping through a book of Carrington's art and came across a small woodcut illustration she had done at the Omega Workshops. The woodcut was done for David Garnett, whom she later painted.

David Garnett by Dora Carrinton, 1919

The woodcut was for David Garnett's honey.

I later found another version of the woodcut, this one printed in two colors.

We make honey here at Doe Run Farm... actually the bees make the honey and I just watch. I wanted a nice label for our honey and when I saw Carrington's label I knew I wanted it for our honey. So we appropriated the Garnett label as our own.

It is our homage to Carrington and to our bees.


  1. That is a beautiful label. I love it and is so fitting for your delicious honey. I just purchased some honey today with honeycomb- I promptly toasted some bread and enjoyed it.
    Helen xx

  2. Lucinda do you sell your honey?? I am a honey freak. I even brought some back from England in August. (Is that allowed?)
    Beautiful labels!


  3. I love honey but I'm allergic, sometimes life is a little tragic.


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