30 August 2011

Restoration Hardware

I just picked up the new Restoration Hardware catalogue or Source Book/Magalog/Catalog "we're not quite sure what to call it" as Gary Friedman, Chairman and Co-CEO, we're not quite sure what to call him, puts it.

The mailman is not speaking to me. This catalogue, all 616 pages of it, is already stirring up controversy. And that might just be the point. Keep an eye out for your haggard mail person as he/she starts dragging these behemoths to your mail slot.


  1. Couldn't agree more. I love RH but that catalog is a pretentious joke...kind of reminds me of Seinfeld poking fun at the old J.Peterman catalog. And in this day and age, to kill a bunch if trees fir a catalog that big seems absurd, doesn't it?

  2. What a awesome article! please share with us the entire catalog please.


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