01 August 2011

I Love Mail...

Lurch & Holler at the Transmodern Festival 2009

...so today when I went to get my mail, I found I had a package. Now said package did not look at all familiar so I just kinda grabbed it and as I was stepping out of the Post Office I noticed the return address was from EEDowning and I smiled.

Downing grew up in Dadeville, Alabama. Much like "Eloise at the Plaza" Lizzie was the "Emma Elizabeth of the Heart of Dixie Motel" the business her parents owned. She was in her own words:

"...influenced by peeping Toms, traveling Evangelists, circus people, birds in the woods and a mother who sang constantly."

She moved to Baltimore to study painting and formed one of the most influential bands of the age, Lambs Eat Ivy. Well, I loved it and clearly it did not get the recognition it deserved, but I digress...

Any who...tucked into my envelope was a new CD by Lizzie's current band, Lurch & Holler featuring Michael Willis who was also in Lambs Eat Ivy. They describe their music as Appalachian parlor operettas and parables. It is weird and haunting and unlike anything you will ever hear, unless, of course, you listen to Lurch & Holler.

As if that wasn't enough, she is a member of Old Songs, a group that translates and creates songs from Ancient Greek philosophy and poetry. Did I mention she paints?

Bosch Figure on the Banks of the Tallapoosa River.

While I was very happy to get an envelope from Liz, I must admit that it leaves me feeling a bit under- accomplished. I think I am going to go take a nap and dream of Hermes in Alabama.


  1. Yes indeed you have a most talented friend. She is truly an artist
    Helen x

  2. What a strange festival i never seen something like that before.


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