24 August 2011

An Artist Named Dora

One of our favorite authors here at Lucindaville is Marjorie Hillis. We didn't know much about her, but have always loved her books. Most were written in the 1930's and were guidebooks for women. They are remarkably funny and and continue to be relevant for women, even today. That is probably why several different publishers are reprinting her books. Recently, we ran across an article about Hillis by Joanna Scutts. We were ever so happy to find out more about Hillis.

In 1938, Hillis wrote a poetry sequence about seven working women entitled, Work Ends At Nightfall. The poems are a bit overwrought and I must say that I have read them all. What is striking about this book is the artwork. There are two line drawings of each of the characters by and artist called Dora. Again, I have nothing about the artist known as "Dora." What I will tell you is that the illustrations are stunning. There is something so evocative about these simple line drawings that keep me coming back to them. If you recognise Dora give us the scoop!


  1. they are fantastic! as always something new here at LuLu. pgt

  2. Dora did an awesome work with this stuff! simply amazing! I can't believe this!


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