08 February 2011


Yes, it snowed, again, last night. The good news is, this morning, there was some sun.

Still, I am not the only one who is fed up. Kitty Carlisle has been too grumpy to photograph. Recently she packed her stuff into an Amazon box and tried to mail herself to Key West.

Fortunately, without opposable thumbs, she was unable to tape the box shut.

The sun lasted only 20 minutes and the blizzard is on...

Kitty Carlisle sends a big meow out to her fans who have missed her "smiling" face and pleads with them to "pray" for spring... or to send her a ticket to Key West.


  1. Thank you thank you! I laughed out loud at your pics and your clever words. Kitty Carlisle and your blog brightens my day! Gentle pats to her....

  2. Kitty Carlisle said: Thanks, Sarah, but where is my ticket to Key West??


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