14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

What do we love on Valentine's Day?

We love our fellow bloggers. We apologize for our inability to respond to every post. Or even a post every week, but we are reading... I promise. So here are some favorites.

We Love

what were the skies like, Stephen Orr's much more than gardening blog and we are thrilled that his new book,
Tomorrow's Garden is being published TOMORROW.

We Love

The Downeast Dilettante which is funny (if you don't believe me check out his Valentine's post), scholarly, and because he encourages me to buy books I can't afford but... we only live once!

We Love

little augury who shares many of the same interests we do and who diligently posts the coolest things.

We Love

Deep Fried Kudzu who is seventh generation Alabamian, who has two kids, and a husband, and is on the road continuously, bringing the quirky, crazy, and beautiful from all over the South.

and there are so many more...forgive me if I didn't mention you. Don't you just hate it when blogs you love mention other blogs and never mention you? But that doesn't mean we don't...

Love You

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