16 February 2011

Etiquette Wednesday

While much of the etiquette espoused at the turn of the 20th century was a bit fussy, everyone knows the moment one codifies something like etiquette, there will be detractors. In 1906 a satirical etiquette book was published. Entitled Foolish Etiquette and carrying the byline O. B. Hayve, this book provided instruction on some of life's predicaments that have often fallen through the cracks of say an Emily Post.

The book addresses many unusual an oft under-discussed social situations...

Theatre conduct... at a Bernard Shaw Play

When the lines fairly sizzle don't attempt a shocked expression--the fact that you are there is sufficient for the world to know you're over seven.

One can only imagine the etiquette for a production of Hair.

How about this wedding tip...

Mormon tips for Weddings

To avoid jealousy it is well to marry your wives in alphabetical order.
Something Bill Henderson, on Big Love, might have tried. There was Barb, then Nicolette. Then Margene, who was clearly a troublemaker and then there was an attempt to marry Ana which caused untold problems... so clearly this alphabetical thing shows promise.

My favorite piece of advice is how to behave at a...

Cannibal Reception on a South Sea Island

If the daughter of the chief falls in love with the missionary he should remember that it is better to be a husband than a fricassee.

I can't tell you the times I have uttered those exact words.


  1. Oh, behave. This appeals. It really does.

  2. Wonder how Emily would react at "Anna Nicole Smith," the opera!

  3. that story about bernard shaw makes me laugh so hard hahaha!

  4. Hilarious! Mom relied on Amy Vanderbilt and I've kept the book out of sentimentality, but it does offer the occasionally useful idea, like appropriate gifts for specific occasions.


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