22 September 2010

Wednesday Etiquette

September is National Manners Month*

So remember...

Always say please and thank you

Chew with your mouth closed (especially gum -- really do you need to chew gum in public?)

Ask to be excused from the dinner table (if you do not know where to place your menu card, see above)

Offer food or drinks to guests (or both!)

Open doors for people behind you

Do not stare

Do not point

Apologize to someone if you bump into them (or even if THEY bump into you)

Ladies first (if you are all ladies, try "age before beauty")

Make eye contact when talking to a person



*September is also National Head Lice Prevention Month and National Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month and Subliminal Communications Month. Do you know what I am thinking? Are you scratching your head?


  1. Very few times have I been invited to a home that did this kind of meal. Good to know. One can never learn enough on good table manners. It is dearly needed with the new generation. They have never been taught. Applause..

  2. Question for Leticia/Lucinda: When food is being passed around the table aka 'family style', in which direction is it passed?

  3. A waiter serves from the left and clears from the right.

    A family passes food to the right for the first pass so that everyone is served.

    After the first pass, if someone asks for something, you may pass it the easiest way; that is, don't send the basket around the table if the person on your left asks for another roll.


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