20 September 2010

The Big Flea

I joined up with Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar at the Big Flea in DC on Saturday. (Actually, the Big Flea in DC is in Virginia, because it is big, so it needs a lot of room.)

I got lost and was a bit late, but I survived. Everyone was quite lovely and I had a wonderful time.

I bought a book, (I know you are shocked) and I took some pictures, though virtually none of them were any good. But here are two shots sure to end up on a blooper reel.

Here is Eddie, looking for all the world like he is about to strangle someone. (Clearly it was someone who didn't know the difference between a pickle fork and an olive fork!)

And here is Jaithan who is thinking, "Is this ever going to be over?"

Alas, it ended too soon, but in plenty of time for me to catch the Alabama-Duke game. Poor Duke, when they agreed to play Alabama they thought it was going be lacrosse!

So that was my Saturday -- Eddie, Jaithan, books, Alabama football what more could one want?


  1. What a wonderful time I love flea
    markets and Antiques. He does
    look pretty bored.. Yvonne

  2. ohhh, I'll pass on the football, thank you, but hey, loved traveling vicariously through the great flea---I had to miss Brimfield all three times this year due to the plague of locusts that have been hovering over me the past few months---Nothing, Nothing, will keep me from Brimfield next May!


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