17 November 2009

The Old Barber Shop

With considerable help from the many residents of Shirley, we have been sprucing up downtown. For those of you who have never ventured to downtown Shirley, WV, here are some highlights. This building used to house the barber shop. It is now empty. I rent the double red doors to a neighbor to park his tractor.

We have had a few complaints that the red is simply too bright. We disagree!


  1. Fantastic- does it need a canary yellow gun paper? la

  2. Surely brightness depends on what you were trying to do. Were you wishing to take the mill to its possible original look? If the mill is old then a paint formulation from that time might be more fitting. However, if you were not concerned with the historical side of things then go with what you all love - that red must be a welcome flash of color on a dark winter's day.

  3. Blue, we did indeed do a bit of excavating on the door and found some remnants of this bright red from over 60 years ago, so our brightness seemed justified.


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