24 November 2009

Honest Scrap

Wow. Thanks, again, to little augury for thinking of us (and reading us.) The rules for this award are:
share 10 random facts about yourself and tap seven fellow bloggers in return.

About me...


I am addicted to Tab.


My IQ is 175; ironically, my income is $175.


I have a collection of stuffed Tiggers. Many of them bounce.


I once waited at a stage door to meet Vanessa Redgrave. She is remarkably tall and was very gracious.


I am the seventh “Lucinda” in my family going back to the Civil War.


The only Olympic sport I watch is fencing.


I don’t always wear underwear, but I ALWAYS carry a “hankie”.


In 6th grade, my favorite author was Andre Malraux. (Today, all my friends tell me that if they had gone to school with me as a child, I would have spent most of my time stuffed in a locker.) Later in life I found out Malraux was a bit of a sexist and I was bummed.


My favorite fashion designer of all time is Elsa Schiaparellii. My mother had an old bottle of ”Shocking” with the perfume long evaporated. My mother was always dressed to the nines. On most days I am dressed to the twos.


I am left-handed and dyslexic, therefore I spell like a demented and drunken Elizabethan typesetter. Those squiggly “PASSWORD” letters on comment pages are a disaster.


1.Left handed people are more likely to be on the extreme ends of the intelligence scale. Left-handed people have a higher portions of mentally retardation and they also have a tendency to have high IQ's. Left-handed people who have higher I.Q.s tend to have an I.Q. of over 140. (See #3)

2. Stuttering and dyslexia occur more often in left-handers. (See # 3 again)

3. 4 of the 5 original designers of the Macintosh computer were left-handed. I was not one of them. (See # 3 one more time.)

4. Left-handers excel at fencing. (See # 6)

I love food, the South, books, tunes and design, so here are a list of bloggers I love in no particular order; it was enough to be nominated.

Deep Fried Kudzu I lived for years in Alabama. Who knew there was such cool stuff there.
i suwannee Another Southern girl with high style.
Frognall Dibdin's Shelves: A Book Blog. Fine old books and a witty host.
Brilliant Asylum. Definitally brilliant.
Biscuits and Such. Food, food, food. Oh yeah and she's Southern.
ali mode. They have been busy lately, but we are hoping this will spur them along.
Late Greats. They always have great tune ideas.


  1. all good stuff! how great to be Lucinda VII and as a fellow left hander -I take all the good left handed stuff as a compliment.

  2. so you are addicted to tab! how curious!


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