10 November 2009

HOUSECLEANING at Lucindaville

First, here is a...
big kiss

to everybody who reads our blog. We love you! Next, we want to give a really big kiss and shout out to:

who has been our number one publicist, linking to our site on numerous occasions.

Here's to the "Good Life."


We get some great comments on our site, but I am never really sure that people see them. I know sometimes I comment and rarely think to look back at them, so here are some you might have missed.

Barbara shared this story about Jane Goodall as a child after reading our post on Eggs:

I once heard Jane Goodall tell a story. When she was 4 she was fascinated by how an egg could come out of a chicken, since there were no obvious holes big enough. She sneaked into the hen house and spent a whole afternoon waiting to observe. During that time her family thought she was missing and were panicking they way you would if your 4 year old had disappeared. At the end of her vigil she did indeed watch a chicken lay an egg, upon which she stepped out of the hen house with wonder on her face. Her poor panicked mother saw her come out and instead of yelling at her, she pulled her gently on her lap and said "Tell me what you've seen," because she could tell from Jane's expression that she'd had a profound experience. What a great mother she had.

After reading my post on Oliverio’s Cash & Carry, an anonymous reader reminded me that the "souls" of shoes are "soles" but with Christian Louboutin shoes, one might actually argue that they are the "soul" of his soles!

Please continue to correct my spelling. Being both left-handed and dyslexic, I spell very much like a drunk and disorderly Elizabethan typesetter, and frankly the "spell check" on blogger sucks!

Anne tried my Sweet Potato Cake with Golden Mixed Berries and said: It IS luscious...addictive. And versatile; you can use whatever dried fruits you have on hand. The fact that it ages well is immaterial because it won't last that long@

I made one this weekend and in the hubbub of the kitchen, I left out the baking powder. The cake looked a bit like a floor tile. It still tasted quite good, though.

Keep those comments coming...


I love living in the country, but there are inherent problems, especially where communication is concerned.

In the past two weeks my phone has been out for 5 days.

My electricity has gone off 4 days right in the middle of the day...

which in turn means my computer has been off in addition to the cloudy days where I suffer from satellite outages.

THEREFORE: We are often posting late and in clumps so we can get everything on. Do forgive us...

If you could see my house today, you would say, "She never wasted a moment" ... so I am off to clean.


  1. Here is the house cleaning checklist to use twice a year. Dry clean feather comforters. Wash draperies. Vacuum behind bedroom furniture, beneath beds, and all closets. In the kitchen, clean the insides of all cabinets and drawers. Clean under and beside the refrigerator and vacuum coils. Wash around, under and behind washer and dryer, and clean out dryer vents. Change batteries in your smoke alarm. Deep clean the garage, putting away all holiday décor.

    * Wash curtains and drapes, clean blinds
    * Dry clean down comforters
    * Vacuum under beds and behind dressers
    * Vacuum inside closets
    * Dust refrigerator coils, vacuum/wash space around fridge
    * Wipe out inside of cabinets and drawers
    * Pull out washing machine and wash walls and floor around washer/dryer
    * Vaccuum back of dryer, clean out dryer vent
    * Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors
    * Clean garage, store seasonal items in bins on shelves
    * Have carpeted stairs professionally cleaned and scotch-guarded

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