22 April 2016

The Standing Desk

It would seem that standing desks are all the rage.

Well, seriously, isn't it enough that one has to work, but now we are expected to stand up and work!

New medical reports tell us that sitting is bad for us.  Are theses the same people who told us caffeine and alcohol were bad for us?

Truth be told, much of this winter was spent sitting, like 8 to 10 hours a day. Perhaps more, but who are you to judge?

As Spring approached, I decided to give the stand up desk a try.  I have a stand up farm desk at my office, but rarely use it.  It is a pain to move, so there was no way it was coming home.  Sitting under my stand up desk was a travel desk I bought many years ago. I knew that my travel desk, set upon my writing table would make a fine standing desk.

I love a travel desk!
 They are so romantic. There I am married to adventure with Osa Johnson.
 Setting at my base camp in the Himalayas.
 Standing in the hollows of West Virginia...

When I got it home, I realized why travel desks were used during war.  One needs an army to tote them around.  Porters and sherpas are a must for a travel desk.

Somehow, in my mind, I would stock my travel desk with an old typewriter, a iMac, books, a black fountain pen, and personalized stationary for proper thank you notes.  I would toss it in the back of my car, and I would ready for any occasion, when one might need to set up an office.  And how often have you found yourself in a situation while sitting in the Walmart parking lot when you needed to type up a thank-you note?

Ah, I am a hopeless romantic.  An actual romantic has a large staff.

When I opened up my travel desk, I found all the things one might imagine.  There was a yo-yo filled with candy, a yellow duck necklace filled with bubble soap, a tin of liquorice candy, old film (who has film anymore?), and a death certificate for an elderly relative.

Teddy rather likes the idea of the stand up desk, he believes it makes it easier to work together on projects, until he decides to take over. He always thinks he has the best idea!

So here I stand.  I feel healthier already.

I'm going to post this and sit down with a drink.  I deserve it.


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