01 April 2016

A Suprise from Maddie

Mail time usually coincides with nap time, a time when the kitties snuggle in for a long spring nap. As usual, I come in with the mail and sit down at the table.  Trick believes there is something special about sitting at the table.  It signifies the possibility of dinner. If you sit in the sacred food chair, much crying a begging ensues. So when I sat down at the table to open the mail, while others slept, Trick came running.

And what a good day! Teddy, Trick and Treat got mail!

Our favorite rescue dog, Maddie AKA Bunnnymellon sent treats.  Everyone got their own toy and photo of Maddie.  Trick, being the only one up, got her pick of the bunch.
She choose the picture of Cris and Maddie seen above...

and she picked the yellow fish to be her toy.

As they say, you snooze, you lose.

Thanks Maddie...and a special shout out to your personal shopper, Maria.

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