11 March 2015

March Came in Like A Z#%^HVDF%**

Yes, January sucked, February sucked, but March...I was looking forward to a lovely March.  How bad could it be?

February was ending on a high note.  I went South for a conference that I was looking forward to.  I would see my BFF, Beverly.  All would be well.   I had to stop in Tennessee because there was a blizzard in Alabama.  But I got there, got to the conference, and February ended in fine form.

1 March:

Heading back to North Alabama, I had a blow out.  AAA couldn't find my account but finally sent out a truck.  While had managed to get the lug nuts off, I couldn't get the tire loose.  The tow truck guy told me there was a trick for removing stuck tires and I watched carefully as he bent his knee and kicked the tire.  Yes, it popped right off!

2 March:

Got the tire replaced and headed home even though I was planning to stay and leave on the third, but the weather was looking iffy!

3 March:

Arrived home but just in time.  By the late afternoon this was my road:

4 March:

By the morning I was originally scheduled to get home, the bridge was underwater, so it was a good thing I left when I did.  That night it snowed.
And snowed...
And then we lost electricity.  And it continued to snow.

5 March:

This was our second day with no heat, no phones, no water, no lights, no refrigerator.  There was an eerie silence interrupted by generators.   My neighbor, Lynn, made his way over and helped me set up my generator.   I got lights, and a refrigerator, but for some reason, the heater was not on the generator circuit.  And it had been so cold, the water had frozen.  That night it was 36 degrees in the house.  I piled on blankets and the cats came and crawled under with me.

6 March:

I found several animals dead in the yard.   After getting wet and not finding shelter from the blizzard it was too much for several stragglers.  According to the power company, it would be 10 March before power would be restored.

I kept watching for Dr. Zhivago to cross the fields.

7 March:

The sun came out.
It warmed up, but not enough to thaw the water pipes.

I went out for more fuel for the generators.

8 March:

Another trip for gasoline.  A wide-load truck came over a hill going faster than the speed limit without his lead car.  I slammed on the breaks and spilt gasoline in the back of the car.
I delivered gasoline.  At about 6 pm, the electricity was restored.  After an afternoon of sun and rising temperatures, the water finally came back on.  We had heat, water, and telephones!

9 March:

I forgot to close the back of the car as I wanted some of the gasoline to dissipate and my car was dead!  A neighbor found me walking to the Post Office and took me home and jumped my car.

10 March:

Made it to the grocery store for much needed milk and veggies.   Met a neighbor who still had no power!

As I said in my last post like this, hey I am alive, and well, and currently warm!  With everything happening in the world, I am very lucky, but really....So now I am looking forward to April.

I have several recipes, books to tell you about, tunes to recommend and I promise -- no more whining!


  1. Maybe this was the last of it? Maybe spring is on the way? What an awful start but you know what they say - in like a lion......

  2. Karma is a slow moving bitch, but hang in there you have goodness banked up ready to happen.

  3. Just don't know how you cope! You have my heartfelt sympathy. Looking forward to your book news.


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