25 February 2015

Following in my footsteps...

I have been following a worn path through the snow to check on the chickens.   Yesterday I noticed that something else had been following my path.  At first I thought it had simply crossed my path but then I realized it was following in my footsteps.
In fact, it followed them right up to the door.
Fortunately, it was not tall enough to open the door!


  1. I keep my hens in a small greenhouse in winter. Some years back the foxes broke the glass and killed them all. Now I have the greenhouse wrapped in chicken wire - top sides and front. And the tracks are there, Mr. Fox visits regularly. I have Rhode Island Reds, they have such great dispositions. As long as I keep the light on and give them 14 hours of light a day they keep right on laying delicious eggs. I do love those girls.

  2. I live in Lawrence, Kansas in town...and in my backyard I have seen foxes...and last week a coyote. Across the street from me the houses back upon a wooded stream area and those neighbors have spotted, gulp...a bobcat and a cougar. WOWZERS!!!!!

  3. I am ignorant about animal tracks, but are those fox? How very clever of it!

  4. Everything is so hungry right now. Guessing this is a raccoon.


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