22 July 2014

Hay, Hay, Hay

Finally, all the fields are hayed!
It has been so hot and sticky, and cutting hay is tough work.
I spent hours watching the guys cut my hay and frankly, I need a drink.


  1. I remember...sitting on my back Victorian Porch...looking over your holler...I USED to be able to see your VERTICAL hillside, then pasture from that spot on my Swing....NO more...I see 2 tall ,bushy trees blocking it , don't remember seeing THEM before...so I called Opel (Gregg) and asked her if she minded if my Farm-Hands could cut them down. She laughed and said SURE., feel free. I WONDERED why she laughed.....They did and I sat back watching 'that' serene view once again..... OH how Naïve a Farmer I was....

  2. Great images. Can almost SMELL the one at the top. Mine's a pint...

    1. There was a lovely fragrance in the air for days...


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