19 July 2014


Here's our take on that classic of Appalachian cuisine, the fried bologna sandwich.  First one must get the "butcher" or deli personnel to cut the bologna by hand or perhaps we should say, to order.   You want it thick, thick, thick; a bologna steak as it were.

Fry the steak until it has nice, crunchy black bits.

Our condiment of choice furthered our Appalachian cuisine theme.  We made a ramp pesto mayo.  Earlier this year, we gathered our ramps as we we may.  Then we pickled and pestoed.  The pesto used ramps and pecans.  (Yes, I am firm pecan hater, but someone who did not know of my revulsion, sent me 2 pounds of Georgia pecans.  Waste not, want not.)  Two slices of bread and some lettuce and we had sandwich nirvana.

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  1. There's nothing quite like a "bologna steak" sandwich. Although I usually enjoy it one with equally thick slices of tomato and onion, with mayonnaise and mustard, the ramp pesto kicks it up a notch! Thanks for posting.


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