16 April 2014

Da Vinci Notebook -- Paper From A Stone

I do love Kickstarter.  There are some way cool people out there with great ideas.  They share their ideas. We fund them.  They get capital. We get the cool stuff.  What is not to like?

Recently, Nick Romer sent me an e-mail and said he had a great idea.  Paper from a stone.  OK.  Is it really thick, heavy paper?  No.  Nick assured me that his "stone" paper would be excellent for recipes because it is waterproof and grease resistant.  He calls his rock paper the -- Da Vinci Notebook.

Sounded good.  As you know from reading this blog, we have a profound love of office supplies and notebooks of any kind -- actually notebooks of EVERY kind.

So we "kicked" in.  Take a look, you might want to add your name to a nifty rock notebook. 

No trees are harmed.

No water is expended.

No bleach is used.

No waste is created.

Check out his video.  The project is fully funded, but there a few days left to go.  Be the first kid on your block to have a notebook made of stone.

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