13 March 2014

This, Too, Shall Pass

What a week!

The crocus broke through the frozen ground.

We got rid of that pesky Daylight Savings Time and now there is light at 6pm.

The weatherman was ecstatic that we were having eleven straight hours of temperatures ABOVE freezing.

One afternoon the temperature rose to 68!  We worked in the yard.  We burned leaves.  We abandoned the coat. It was glorious.

Then...another polar vortex came crashing down and in 36 hours we went from 68 degrees to 7 degrees.

But this, too, shall pass...an Spring will sprung...soon, please.


  1. Oh, I do empathize with your freezing weather. Here in California, we've been experiencing drought conditions, and what seemed like spring arriving very early (January). The rains finally came in February to our huge relief. With it, the rest of the spring blooms kicked into action.

    I am excited for your little green sprigs bursting through the earth. Surely, as you say, spring has finally arrived in your part of the country.

    1. OMG, another Monday, another snow. It is St. Patrick's Day and we have 5 inches. I might have been wrong, it may not pass!

    2. Terribly sorry to hear of this. I spent St. Patrick's Day sowing English garden peas as the weather was cooperating.


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