09 January 2014

Haint Blue

Recently, someone came to the house and just after, "hello," he asked, "why did you pick that porch color? It's beautiful and you can see it from the road."


Well, I picked a lovely haint blue to keep those evil spirits out. And because it is pretty. It also has a practical function. The color gives the impression of sky and discourages birds and bees (or wasps) from nesting.


I must confess, I am a rather lousy painter, so I over prepare. I hired my help for three days. We swept, cleaned and power washed. We taped, and taped, and taped. We painted ceilings first. We painted all the white posts and sides. Finally, we painted the floors. It did, indeed, look lovely.

After nearly a week of drying, I stepped out one morning to drink my coffee. As I started back in the house, I lifted my bare foot and the paint came with me. The original paint from years ago was not compatible with the new floor paint. The floor had to be stripped, sanded, and repainted. In stripping the floor, we got blue paint on the white side, so they had to be repainted. My three day job turned I to three weeks.


Alas, there were some bits of painter's tape lingering and the screen got smudged, but after a month, I was done. We have since cleaned the screen removed most of the painter's tape.



The good news is, not one single haint has entered the house. One bold bird did managed to nest on the white trim.


1 comment:

  1. Love this! i'm used to seeing light blue but this is far bolder and more pretty!


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