03 January 2014

Barbara Stanwyck

So this year, as always, I marked my most favorite Christmas wishes on my Amazon account, per my friend Ann's wishes. I was supposed to select the books I really wanted. I picked out several off my loooong list and waited. As Christmas rolled around, Ann informed me that she went rogue and selected books on her own. Now, I get a lot of books, so I was concerened. Grated, there are books I miss, but I was worried.
I was, however, pleasantly supprised. Ann did a great job. Of course I wanted the Barbara Stanwyck bio, but I chose to give it to my BFF, Beverly. Then the copy got lost in the mail. Then it got re-ordered. Then it didn't arrive till Christmas Eve. It is finally winging its way to Alabama. I was luckier. Ann saw it on my list and bought it for me, even though it was on the list for Beverly.
The book, A Life of Barbara Stanwyck, is over 1000 pages of everything you would ever want to know about Barbara Stanwyck... until 1940. It is just Volume One! Well I know what I will be getting next Christmas!

Hey, Christmas is not Christmas until you have seen Christmas in Connecticut. For several months I watched the Western channel as they showed re-runs of The Big Valley and then they just stopped. I was bereft. So now I have this cool bio. I do admit, I really don't want to start it till I am sure volume 2 is on the way. What if I read it and want more? 1940 doesn't even get us to Christmas in Connecticut!
I don't care. I am reading it now! Thanks, Ann.



  1. I'm fascinated to read that book too. I asked for it, didn't get it, so think I'll just bye it for myself.

  2. Another Christmasy film also from 1940, Stanwyck as a shoplifter in "Remember the Night." I think it is very good but it arrived too late for Christmas watching this year. I'm trying to hold off until next year to watch it so it will have that true seasonal glow. We shall see!


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