21 November 2013

New Bridge

Clearly, it is not the Golden Gate,but it is mine. How bad was it before, you might ask? Every day I drove across it, but I would not WALK across it.

Frankly, it was pretty scary to drive across.
I finally found a bridge builder.

After surveying the site and getting the wood we were set to go.

The beginning with most of the old boards gone.


Ready for the first drive across.



1 comment:

  1. Obviously this bridge has some good, sturdy underpinnings, else you wouldn't drive across it. Reminds me somewhat of the old 2-foot wide swinging bridge I had to walk across to get to the in-laws house. Many moons ago, of course. You have to learn to keep your eyes straight ahead and never look down. :-) Enjoy your blog immensely.


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