15 October 2013

Tomato Toys

Who knew tomatoes made the best cat toys.  Even thought fall is upon us, our tomato plants are still offering up a few tidbits.  I set a basket on the table the other day and Kitty Carlisle extracted several of them giving everyone a new toy.  Teddy took the lead.

Usually shy,  Treat quickly figured out the game.

Trick took on a daintier tomato and after much tossing and batting...

was  quite dumbfounded when the cherry tomato broke into a juicy mess.

I got the green tomato and cleaned up the mess.  Yesterday, I noticed something on the floor.  It was a shriveled green pepper.  They,  too, make excellent toys.

1 comment:

  1. My cats used to play with the pieces to my home-made Barbie Mobile. Poor Barbie's furniture was regularly squashed flat as the cat weight 20 pounds, but nothing was as messy as a tomato. Thanks for the cute pics! I always enjoy cat antics in Lucindaville!


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