21 October 2013

Cocktails At The Burnpit- The Last Hurrah

Until last night, I had refused to give up Summer.  It was still warm, there were still tomatoes and blackberries in the garden and even though the leaves were falling in all around me, I was holding firm.  I had company during the government shutdown and drinks were in order.  I pulled out all the  Summer stops and created this Last Hurrah.

The Last Hurrah

1 ounce blueberry vodka
1 ounce blueberry shrub
Sparkling water

In a tall glass, mix the vodka and shrub.  Fill the glass with ice, then fill with sparkling water.  Give it a stir.

OK, I used bulbous, stemless wine glasses.  Not to mention I failed to garnish the drink at all.   While it might look sad, it was ever so tasty.

Which brings me to a slight problem.  I often think about a blog post and then swear I have actually posted it, only to find I did no such thing.  Such was my blueberry post from this summer.  Clearly there was no blueberry post.  Here is an abbreviated version:  I got a box of 10 pounds of blueberries.  I made a blueberry/lavender butter and I did indeed write about that.   I also make a blueberry summer pudding, blueberry/basil sorbet. blueberry vodka and blueberry shrub.  The Last Hurrah is made from that vodka and shrub.

I used a somewhat different approach to making my shrub.  I used a cold-process, meaning I didn't boil the fruit or the sugar and vinegar.   I simple added all the ingredients and let nature take its course.

Blueberry Shrub

1 1/2 cup cider vinegar
1 1/2 cup sugar
4 cups blueberries.

Wash the blueberries and place them in a sterilized 1/2 gallon jar.  Add the sugar and vinegar.  Close tightly and give the jar a shake to mix the sugar.  Let the jar sit out for 2-3  days, shaking 2-3 times a day.  Place the mixture in the refrigerator and let sit.  When ready to use, strain the mixture into a clean, sterilised container.  

Mine sat for several weeks before I strained out the fruit.

The cold air has arrived and alas, summer is officially over.  We will soon be moving on to ciders and pumpkins, but we think back fondly on summer.

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