30 May 2013

You've Got A Friend

My friend, Ann, had serious back surgery earlier this year.  Needless to say, she has been a bit worthless.  For Memorial Day, I went to visit to help out.  I mowed, trimmed trees, cut some firewood, scrubbed the old 70's brick fireplace wall, painted it white, hung blinds and drank a good bit of gin.

I hung this rather large painting that Ann acquired some time ago.  It had never been unwrapped.   It looked quite nice on the white wall.   I forgot to take any photos so Ann sent these along.   She photographed the painting with the dust rag still sitting on the table!  

For Christmas this year, I gave several people a set of the Target Andy Warhol Tomato Soup cans.  I had them on the mantle with a small abstract painting her father did for her.   This was the photo she sent.

Her back is still interfering with her life!   But the room looks much better.


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